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The BiRa ethernet power supply controller is a power supply controller and precision current regulator in a slim 1U package. This unit can readback voltage, current, and ground current. It can set and ramp currents as well as detect faults. All communication is done over ethernet and EPICS drivers are available. This unit can be interfaced to TDK-Lambda Genesys™ power supplies with BiRa's custom Ethernet Power Supply Controller adapters. Please contact us for a full list of compatible power supplies. A pin out for the power supply connector is provided in the product datasheet, custom interfaces can be made.


Parameter Unit Value
ADC Readings /sec 30/60
ADC Noise (0.1 to 10Hz) uV RMS 3
DAC Resolution Bits 24
DAC Noise (0.1 to 10Hz) uV RMS 2
DAC Linearity 0-10V PPM Max 2
ADC Temperature Stability Max PPM / ℃ Max 0.25
Daughter Card Temp Stability PPM / ℃ Max 1.0
Ethernet Port Mbps 10/100
Input Power VAC 120