MCOR 30 Amp Module

The MCOR 30 system is an 8-channel precision magnet driver, capable of providing bi-polar output currents in the range from -30A to +30A. The output current can be adjusted smoothly through zero. A single, unregulated bulk power supply provides the main DC power for the entire crate. The MCOR system employs a modular architecture, so that any individual channel is serviceable without disturbing the operation of adjacent channels in the same crate.

The 2510R30 occupies two slots in a 16 channel, 6U crate. Each module provides stable output current with power efficiency at 80% (@ 20amps) and a very reliable mean time before failure of 800,000 hours.

All units are fully assembled and tested in the USA.

MCOR 30 Datasheet | MCOR 30 Manual

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Charts Provided By NSRRC From TLS Corrector Magnet PAC09 Paper